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5 Key Essentials in Maintaining Elderly Relationships

Maintaining quality relationships even in the elderly years is an effective shield against physical and mental decline. After all, isolation can lead to a senior person having a low appetite, which results in malnutrition and some other health complications. However, connecting with our elderly family members may be challenging considering issues such as generation gap. … Continue reading

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7-Point Guide for Healthy Aging

No matter one’s apprehensions for the aging season, these can always be mellowed with a healthy lifestyle. Along with the assistance of Home Care Providers, the following guidelines of aging healthily can rake in long-term rewards: Be proactive with your diet Ensure that you eat healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals. This means a healthy serving … Continue reading

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Live-In Caregivers Can Improve Your Quality of Life

How has retirement been treating you as of late? If you have been needing a bit of help around the house, then hiring a live-in caregiver can do you a lot of good! And if you must know, errands and personal care aren’t the only things that live-in caregivers from Comfort Ease Home Care can … Continue reading

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Hospital Readmission: 4 Ways You Can Prevent It

You’ve just been discharged from the hospital. Would you risk being sent back? Comfort Ease Home Care has several suggestions on how you can avoid hospital readmission and secure your full recovery: Attend the follow-up appointment After being discharged from the hospital, your doctor will most likely book you for a checkup. Physicians often do … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Sleep

Sleep is something that many of us do not give much thought about until we are exhausted. However, sleep actually plays a huge role in our health in preventing numerous serious health conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Getting proper sleep every night is important for everyone but even more so for the elderly. Here … Continue reading

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